How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat?

How to Curl Natural Hair Without Heat?

We all love curly hairs because it adds radiance to our looks and create a splendid appearance. Every woman admires to get curly hairs to add extra radiance in her looks. So it is mandatory for every woman to know some easy techniques of how to curl natural hair without heat.

Curly hair suits all types of personality and can be done in any type of hair by heat treatment. But many a times we have witnessed numerous problems regarding hair loss after conducting such treatments. These expensive treatments make our hair rough and wobbly creating hair fall. In order to prevent such nuisance we have come with some effective techniques in order to know how to curl natural hair without heat.

We often find it difficult to curl short hair but now, to your wish we have successfully found a solution to make very short hair curly. We have provided you some simple and natural strategies regarding how to curl short black hair without heat. Here are some useful methods on how to curl short curl natural hair without heat and how to make very short hair curly.

Following These Simple Guidelines, You Can Definitely Create Magnificent Black Curls.

STEP – 1: The first and foremost thing you need to do before starting the procedure of curling is to rinse your hair properly with shampoo. Don’t forget to use conditioner after shampoo. Dry your hair with a soft towel until it is slightly dry. Make sure your hairs are not completely dry. The hairs should be little damp for performing the rolling procedure vividly.  

STEP – 2:  separate your hair to 3-4 partings, and then make stiff piggy tails of all the sections.

STEP – 3: Now, separate the four sections into sub sections and coil these sub sections around each other stiffly with a elastic rubber band.

STEP – 4: Next you twirl the pony tails around your head to get a small bun. Tie the bun with a small elastic band to grasp it.

STEP – 5: keep the bun for at least 2 – 3 hours until you feel your hair is fully dry.

STEP – 6: Open the elastic bands carefully without stretching the pony tails. Use your fingers slightly to de-tangle the pony tails. Next you can comb your hair torpidly to separate the hairs completely.

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If you are worried thinking how to curl short black hair without heat and how to make very short hair curly then let us inform you that now you can curl your hair naturally with the help of rollers.

How to Curl Natural Hair with Rollers?

How to Curl Natural Hair with Rollers

Here are a few simple steps which will guide you to curl your natural hair with rollers.

STEP – 1: Rollers are available at any beauty store. You can purchase them from any shop. There are several types of roller according to your hair length. You need to purchase the rollers by understanding the length of your hair. For short hair you will need short rollers.

STEP – 2: before starting the curling procedure, make sure that your hairs are completely dry, so that you get the best curling results.

STEP – 3: Take a small section of your hair and roll it up with the help of a roller. Next pin up the roller in a position to make it stiff around your head.

STEP -4: continue the process until your head is stuffed with rollers.

STEP – 5: keep the rollers for at least 4-5 hours in order to get a perfect curl

STEP – 6: after 5 hours, you can confiscate the rollers from your hair. You are ready with astonishing and marvelous curls.

STEP – 7: After you are done with these steps, squirt little hairspray to keep your curls firm and definite. Hairspray also helps to keep the curls last longer.

Chemicals often destroy our hair demolishing the shine and luminosity but these natural procedures will give excellent results in curling without causing any deterioration. Now you know how to curl natural hair with rollers and after undertaking the following steps you will be absolutely ready to flaunt your beauty with beautiful curly hairs in any occasion.

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